Fixed fee divorce/dissolution of a civil partnership

We offer a fixed fee service to act on behalf of you either as the petitioner or respondent in connection with your divorce.

Applying for divorce on the behalf of the petitioner – fixed fee £550 plus VAT and court fee.

We offer the following within our fixed fee bundle: –

  1. An initial meeting (potentially by telephone or online) to take instructions from you in order that we can prepare the divorce petition.
  2. We will draft the petition/reconciliation certificate and send it to you for your approval.
  3. Once approved, we will write to your wife/husband/partner or their solicitor if they have legal representation to let them have a copy of the draft petition.
  4. We will send the documentation to the court to start the legal process.
  5. Once the paperwork has been served on (sent to) your wife/husband/partner and they have returned to the court the acknowledgement of service form, we will then prepare the application for Decree Nisi and send it to the court.
  6. Once the court confirms the date on which Decree Nisi will be pronounced, we will let you know. Once we receive a Decree Nisi order from the court, we will send a copy to you.
  7. When appropriate, we will prepare the application for Decree Absolute and file it at court.
  8. Once Decree Absolute is received, we will send it to you completing the process.

The fixed fee divorce offer does not deal with any of the following: –

  1. Applying to the GPO for a copy of your marriage certificate.
  2. Paying for the court fee itself – this is presently £593 and we ask you to make a payment to us on account. The fixed fee divorce detail does not include preparing an application for an exemption from the court fee.
  3. If the divorce is defended.
  4. If there are negotiations between you and your wife/husband/partner about the content of the petition or the grounds on which the divorce is to be pursued.
  5. If your wife/husband/partner fails to return the acknowledgement of service and it is necessary to take further action such as either applying for an order dispensing with service or arranging personal service.
  6. Attending court.
  7. Dealing with negotiations relating to costs
  8. Dealing with any other matters ancillary to the divorce such as financial arrangements, disputes about children and so on.

Responding to the divorce petition on behalf of the respondent – fixed fee £300 plus VAT.

If you have received a divorce petition from your wife/husband/partner and you do not intend to dispute the divorce, we can act on a fixed fee basis. This package will include: –

  1. An initial meeting with you to take your instructions and advise you in respect of procedure.
  2. Completing the acknowledgement of service form on your behalf and filing it at court.
  3. Informing you of the date on which Decree Nisi is to be pronounced.
  4. Once Decree Nisi is pronounced, sending you a copy of Decree Nisi.
  5. Sending you a copy of the Decree Absolute.

The fixed fee package does not include the following: –

  1. Defending a divorce.
  2. Any negotiations relating to the content of the petition.
  3. Attending court.
  4. Negotiations regarding costs.
  5. Applying for Decree Absolute if your wife/husband/partner fails to do so.
  6. Dealing with any matters relating to finances or children.        

In both respects we are of course happy to undertake further work outside of the ambit of the fixed fee. Should you wish for us to do so we will provide you with an estimate of the costs of that work as appropriate, our fees being based on the hourly rate as set out on the Our Fees page of our website.

If you would like any further information or clarification please do not hesitate to give one of our divorce team a call on 01736 362362 or