Employment Law

Employment Law from an employees point of view can often be a somewhat grey area, ever changing – it is rather complex but ultimately it is there to protect employees within the workplace.

Both the employee and employer have rights and obligations, generally your obligation to your employer is to preform your work to a satisfactory standard, and you as the employee have the right to fair pay and fair treatment in the workplace. Our employment specialists here at CVC Solicitors can help you with a range of employment law issues including;

  • Advice on employment contracts & workplace policies
  • Grievance & Disciplinary matters
  • Workplace bullying & harassment
  • Discrimination in the workplace – such as sexual discrimination, age, race and more
  • Contractual & statutory entitlements
  • Employment Tribunals

Whether you are unclear of your contractual rights and simply need some friendly advice, or perhaps have been a victim of discrimination – CVC Solicitors can help with all of your employment law needs.

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