Professional Negligence

All of us need to obtain professional advice in relation to financial, legal and other technical matters throughout the course of our lives.

Most of the time that advice can be relied on but, occasionally, poor advice or mistakes can lead to serious financial loss.

Our solicitors are experienced in dealing with claims made by individuals against their professional advisers where they have received advice or a service that has fallen below the standard that should reasonably be expected. Examples could be where you have received poor advice from your solicitors, a claim against a medical treatment provider for grossly inadequate treatment or where you have suffered loss following poor advice from an accountant or a surveyor.

We will,

  • meet with you to discuss the situation
  • at the earliest stage possible evaluate the merits of your claim
  • provide you with advice as to how to resolve the dispute as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible
  • take steps to see whether the dispute can be settled without the need for costly and time consuming litigation
  • if it cannot otherwise be settled, take whatever steps are necessary to pursue your claim to a successful conclusion through the Court

The Pre-Action Protocol for Professional Negligence has applied to professional negligence claims since 2001 and aims to establish a framework in which an early exchange of information can allow a claim to be fully investigated and, if possible, resolved without the need for litigation. We wholeheartedly endorse the spirit of the Protocol and will endeavour to resolve your dispute as efficiently as possible.

Various funding options are available and we may be able to take on your case on a no win, no fee basis.

If you feel that you have received poor advice or inadequate service from a specialist professional and have suffered financial loss then please do contact us so that we can discuss how we may be able to assist you.

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