Probate Fees

We offer a number of pricing solutions on Probate matters subject to what work is needed and the complexity of the matter.

Full Administration Service

We will charge an hourly rate to deal with the full administration of an Estate within the UK. Please see the Our Fees main page for these rates. This can vary from matter to matter and no two Estates are the same.  In the case of high-value Estates we may also make a charge based on a small percentage of the value of the Estate.  This would reflect the additional levels of responsibility which dealing with such Estates entail.  This will be discussed at the outset of the matter with you.

We aim to take initial instructions and based on the information provided we can provide an estimate of likely costs.

Once work has commenced we will provide updates as to how things are going vs the estimate given at regular intervals.

Elements that affect time taken and complexity can include:

  • Number and type of assets;
  • Number and type of liabilities;
  • Number of beneficiaries;
  • Beneficiaries who are difficult to contact or who may need to be traced;
  • Assets and liabilities which need to be chased several times to provide information;
  • Whether a more complex Inheritance tax return is needed;
  • Dealing with the HMRC in an Estate where they dispute the valuation of Assets;
  • Issues with the validity of a Will;
  • Ascertaining the location of a Will;
  • Identifying whether there was a Will and whether any Will produced is in fact the last, and therefore valid Will;
  • Issues with challenges to the Estate from disgruntled third parties;
  • Income Tax liabilities;
  • Inheritance Tax liabilities;
  • CGT liability;
  • Property ownership disputes;
  • DWP Enquiries re overpaid benefits;
  • Numerous Shareholdings;
  • Claims under Inheritance (Provision for Family Dependants) Act 1975;

Costs and expenses of the Estate which are not included in Solicitors Fees can include:

  • Inheritance Tax;
  • Will search Fees;
  • Genealogist Fees;
  • Income Tax;
  • Capital Gains Tax;
  • Estate Agents Fees;
  • Court Fees;
  • Land Registry Fees;
  • Any liabilities which the deceased owed at the date of their death;
  • Fees for the valuation of Assets;
  • Funeral Costs;
  • Notices to potential creditors about the deceased in the London Gazette and a Local Newspaper;

Your case will be allocated to a fee earner with the suitable professional experience to conduct your matter and the fee earner will be supervised during the matter. To see our fee earners expertise please see the Our Team page.


If having considered your circumstances and instructions it is appropriate to provide limited advice and prepare straightforward simple Wills our fees will be:

  • £200 plus VAT for a straightforward single Will; and
  • £350 plus VAT for straightforward mirror Wills

If however more detailed advice and more complicated Wills are required, our fees will be based on the hourly rates as set out on the Our Fees page. Your requirements will be discussed in detail during your initial meeting with the fee earner and a more accurate estimate of fees will be given at this time.

If you would like any further information or clarification please do not hesitate to give one of our probate Team a call on 01736 362362 or email us at